Our Services

Our services


Sales staff
The sales staff, members bring all the pieces come together. The sales staff coordinates the customer requirements, from the receipt of orders through to delivery, focusing on economic customer orientation.
Our strengths
CabTec lives and breathes integrated quality management. CabTec has built up an excellent reputation in various industries.
With its strong market presence and customer proximity, CabTec is able to satisfy ordinary and extraordinary customer needs quickly and competently on the spot. Logistical competence and proximity to customers is a must.
Engineering, prototyping, project management — A large part of production costs is incurred already at the start of a development.
Purchasing / Logistics
CabTec has operated a professional supply chain for years. Our accumulated knowledge is used every day and across all our locations. Our customer base benefits from the price advantages, speed and security.
CabTec stands for extensive expertise in product development and manufacturing of complex wiring systems for a variety of market segments, such as healthcare, measurement technology, mechanical engineering, building automation, and the automotive industry.
The same Western machines and testing devices are used in all CabTec’s plants. It is in this way that we comply with a clear quality-focused philosophy — “quality and safety first”.