6. December 2019 / News en

Detection laboratory for technical cleanliness

CabTec has commissioned a proof laboratory for technical cleanliness at the Groß-Gerau site. 
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17. April 2019 / News en

CabTec goes E Mobility

On the 1st of April, the first E Mobility vehicle was put into operation in the factory in Souzhou. So… 
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19. March 2019 / News en

March 2019 — CabTec continues to invest in the future

CabTec continues to invest in the future by commissioning a 3D Mahr multi-sensor measuring machine for optical and tactile measurements… 
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2. March 2019 / News en

CabTec Safety Weeks 2019 start GLOBAL in Hungary

Our ongoing efforts to improve the safety of our products and employees will be further enhanced this year and a safety campaign will be launched in February at all our plantsWe take care about your Safety — Safety Weeks CabTec 2019 
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21. October 2018 / News en

CabTec at the IZB 2018

At our first participation in the IZB in Wolfsburg, we, the interested experts, presented a cross-section of our product portfolio. 
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